Shane’s Editor first started in AltspaceVR around the 7th of Jan 2018. I had just finished up with a VR Shopping town called Marché City and we celebrated new years eve there with a giant ball dropping and all the usual festivities. I decided to build Shane’s Editor to be able to enable users who didnt understand code to be able to create content and experiences – without needing me to do it for them ha!

Over the coarse of 3 months or so I tied down many features, mapping and exposing the underlying features of THREE.js, a 3D javascript library that was supported by AltspaceVR at the time. I created a UI based on Google’s Material Design that made it simple to work with 3D objects and create a scene graph hierarchy. With a closed group of beta testers I worked hard to refine and stabilize the platform while I got ready for a release.

On May 1oth 2018, Alex Kipman ( Microsoft Mixed Reality, Hololens, Kinect ) made an announcement in AltspaceVR about the launch of Shane’s Editor. In a few short weeks I had hundreds of users and hundreds of separate scenes created by users in AltspaceVR.

Sometime in late August 2018 AltspaceVR announced that they would be removing the browser plugin that made it possible to use javascript in their application. This was a sad day when this was announced but it inspired me to create a new version of the content creation tools, and a new platform for users to enjoy their content on. I also decided that I would open source the bulk of my creation tools to be able to inspire the community to get involved and help shape what the future held for this VR based content creation tool.


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