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Get started today with creating content on The Expanse, the most accessible and developer friendly platform in VR!

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We know a lot of developers like to work with Unity3D and are familiar with those workflows, we have made it easy to stick to what you know and still integrate with The Expanse. We give more control over the game experience than any other platform for you to be free to create what ever you want!

Get our Asset Bundler on the asset store!

(PS. While its still being reviewed by unity you can grab the latest release here. )

Github Open Source

Use our github resources to get started with creating asset bundles for The Expanse. Check out our instructions on creating asset bundles using Unity ( we use version 2018.2.20 ).

We are building an in app IDE allowing you to create scripts and add them to arbitrary objects in the scene editor but until this is ready you can get started right away using the Unity Editor. We use special asset bundles with scripts embeded ( as text assets ) to allow you to add all sorts of interaction to your content. You can disable all the usual controls, remove any native elements in the game and have full control over the entire experience inside your game logic!

Discord Community

Come and hang out with us on Discord if you have any questions, want to show off your stuff or even just trade some sweet memes! You’ll always find some friendly developers eager to make the metaverse of our dreams!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Watch this space!

We are focused on embracing the modding and developer community and have some great things on the road map. Integrated IDEs, personal apps, original content and tonnes of open source resources! We want to make an amazing and fun place to hang out where there is tonnes of things to do!