Oculus Quest Submission

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As part of the upcoming quest launch it is prudent to submit your application pitch to Oculus before the official release of the quest. This helps them to gauge the interest in certain application types and curate the best content for the users of the new console once its available.


Below is the detail of our application sent to Oculus.

Platform idea

The Expanse is a cross platform social vr app
that will be available on all major headsets
and 2d Mode for PC.
We aim to expose as much possibilities
as safely possible to be able to create experiences.
There are guidelines to help created content
to be accessible on as many platforms as
possible with mobile and performance
the main driver.
Great content will be featured in the menu
to be visited at the click of a button

Release of public beta: 11th of may 2019

Creating content

You are able to import models and even assign
physics and prefab scripts,
or you can even create them yourself if you
are feeling adventurous.
In this social vr experience you can show off
your creations or enjoy others!
We have an awesome world builder where you
can import models from Sketchfab,
google poly or your own.
There are tons of possibilities in terms of
shapes and textures to create and
share your creativity.
With the support of GLTF, OBJ and
Unity asset bundle ready to import when you are

Launch plan

After we finish the main features we are releasing the beta to be able to connect with friends and
start building worlds. There will be platform created experiences and ways to make friends and message
them within the app. Users will be able to customize the skin of their avatar through the website
( We have an open approach so we love to hear feedback about anything at all
through the app, the website or on our Discord channel.

Content plan after release

Work out extra features and user requested functionality.
At the same time we will be creating extra original content / mini games.

Quest and other mobile devices

Mobile vr is the main aim for this project, all main areas and most user content will be accessible and
fully functional on these devices. When a user decides to make an experience we encourage mobile compatibility
leveraging performance features like LOD, mobile specific variations at the object level and granular feedback on the overhead of
objects or groups of objects in the scene graph. We will reinforce the emphasis on optimization with regular trainign events
and with heavily optimized original content created by us – we want to lead by example.


Use of the app with all features and all major content and creation tools are free – with a view to
exploring revenue sources and introducing in-app purchases at a later date. We have no plans to commercialize the platform
at launch but once we reach capacity we will explore premium content, featured listings, ecommerce and more specifically digital asset sales.

Team makeup

Shane Harris – lead developer
Patrick Quinn – developer/content creator
Kenny Reijnders – developer/content creator

Unity Client

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So I have been working on a new version of The Expanse – this one is based in Unity. While i still believe the future of VR is in the open standards of web technologies, I think it needs just a little more time to get to its full potential. What I have decided to do in the mean time is prepare for that time by building a bridge between these two environments / game engines. The inspiration for The Expanse has always been to create an open platform that is controlled by the community and completely open – the less I have to decide the better. The web based version of The Expanse is relatively complete with some more polishing to be ready to release ( this will be happening very soon ) and what is exciting about the web is the possibility of integrating with other platforms. This is the main reason I open sourced the Aframe UI KIt and Shane’s Editor – to allow others to benefit from the content we create and be able to build their own platforms with the tools provided and to help shape those tools too!
The Unity client will help to provide more cross platform opportunities and allow us bridge even more gaps. I plan to open source as much of the unity project as possible to let other developers in the unity community benefit from the bridge between three.js / Aframe and Unity. My aim is to achieve feature parity with the current Expanse built with three.js providing the same geometries, materials and scripting capability. That’s right! The Unity based client will support scripting in both C# and Javascript and all this will be done in the client with a built in IDE environment – The Expanse will be the only platform to offer so much creative ability across so many platforms. The new Unity based version of The Expanse will launch on all devices simultaneously – that includes Oculus Go, Rift and Quest, HTV Vive and WMR devices. There will be the same rich customisation features and I still plan to support loading in WebVR content via an in-app browser. I plan to get a version on the relevant app stores as soon as i can – I expect to be ready to start the store submission process in about 3-4 weeks Woop Woop! I will be expanding the beta testers channel soon to include the new unity client too so if you interested then feel free to get involved and DM me for access to that group on this discord if you are not already included. These are exciting times and there will be lots of awesome things to come in the near future!

Who We Are

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Shane Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Shane Harris

Passionate about VR and human computer interaction. I previously worked as CTO for Sensum – an emotional research company focused on correlating biometric data from physiological responses with emotions. I have been very passionate about devloping in VR ever since I presented with Sensum at CES in 2015 with a VR based demo and one of the oculus staff members came to try it out. I am eager to do my part to push this industry forward towards the next evolution of computers and how we use them.

Kenny Reijnders

Chief Innovation Officer

Kenny Reijnders

Always thought of VR as one of the greatest things to do with a computer. I have a great passion for technology and automation, and work in a R&D as a technical manager. Also love making things come to life in the real world and in vr, I spend a lot of time modelling and coding machines and animations. I love creating things and making things better, and I’m excited to help built the community and the tools to bring people together and share all the craziness they can think off.